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The Kid Inside


Minimal, melodic and progressive techno DJ/producer obsessed with music machines - an extension of our human minds and imagination.

The Kid Inside started his journey through music with Jaco Pastorius. The rhythmically diverse and bass driven fusion style, presented to him from his father and uncle's jazz records, prompted his purchase of an Ibanez bass guitar.

Along with jazz, he developed a love of smooth tenor and alto saxophones and string sounds of the violin and viola through his love of classical music.

While he was jamming out to heavy metal and classic rock in high school, TKI discovered electronic music on NYC's KTU station. TKI immediately started playing progressive and goa-psy trance songs with his friends at parties.

House and techno music was still considered underground at that time.As the scene grew, both in NYC and abroad, TKI spent waking hours adding to his music collection and refining his production skills.

The Kid Inside brings passion from all of his beloved musical genres, world music and the classical inspirations of old school techno and house, focusing on the ethereal and deep techno melodies found across the world today.”

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