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Sean Gruv


Lover of music and DJ career starting in mid 80’s 1 Technique 1200 & Reel to Reel. Purely Funk based influence from the likes of Zapp, Gap Band, Prince and the Legend James Brown. Fast forward to 1985 and introduced to Kraftwerk, Erasure & Book of Love and the Underground sound only fueled his curiosity. Jump to 1993 and his discovery of the Atlanta Underground via Kevin Kazell, Tommie Sunshine @Wish and the world would never be the same for him. His attempt at Promotion began with Gruv Til Dawn Productions. Only small venues with little traction but he will not be denied.

Venturing from ATL to where he grew up in Lafayette Louisiana he made his biggest impact at Outerlimits with capacity over 2000 people. It was here where he brought and played with talent such Talent as Kevin Kazell, Dj Bizz, Nigel Richards, Red Eye, Liquid Method, Superstar DJ Keoki & Legendary Live Act Rabbit In The Moon. After a 3 ½ year hiatus from 96 to 1999 he transformed from DJ Frosty to Sean Gruv. The year 2000 would be the beginning of moving from just DJing to learning Production while graduatiing from FullSail as a Recording Engineer in Orlando.

As most know Production is a beast to excel in and fast forward to 2017 Gruvstation Records is born. Juggling family, work and your passion can be very trying at times but Sean Gruv is still pushing forward after becoming a Resident DJ with Saturo Sounds in 2017. The love and Family environment that Saturo Sounds has provided has helped Sean Gruv to continue to grow and evolve into the DJ/Producer he has become today.

“Let me take you on my Electronic Journey” Sean Gruv

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