Ray McLarnon AKA Angrish


Angrish – Tektronicity on Saturo

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a deep love of music, especially electronic music in
all its forms and across every genre, the more electronic the better.

Like most others of my generation, I was a committed fan who enjoyed clubbing, listening to
pirate radio, the Essential Mix, buying vinyl, compilation CDs and generally curating as much
music as I could.

Truthfully, I’d never considered DJing publicly or as anything more than a hobby, just playing
a few tunes among friends on a Saturday night. However, as time progressed, I wanted to
find a way to showcase and share music I liked or had recently purchased. What always
interested me was the process of combining music that others might enjoy while trying to
create a ‘library’ of sorts that reflected my tastes, otherwise known as a ‘Podcast’.

The Tektronicity series was born out of trial and error, where I had hoped to put together a
series of episodes that explored music, music I was most passionate about, not what I
thought might be popular or current. What started on www.themixingbowl.org 10 years ago
eventually moved to Soundcloud about 8 years ago and more recently, Saturo Sounds.

It’s been wonderful experience taking up a slot in the Saturo Sounds monthly calendar and
great to share music I love with likeminded folk.