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Paul Barrett


A Self taught DJ who was lucky that his father has a plethora of vinyl at his disposal to set him off at the age of about 13.

Building up his own collection of House, Techno, Drum and Bass , Hip Hop ,Funk and Soul through the 90’s and 00’s , it was around 10 years ago that Paul, with the help of some friends put on his first event ‘Beatlab’. Other nights ‘Funklab’ and more recently ‘Feast’ showcased local talent, renowned DJ’s and acts around the north west of England.

Paul’s style is very eclectic due to his many influences that span across multiple genres and you can hear this within his mixes. The New Jersey and New York house scene of the 90’s, the Detroit techno sounds as well as the soulful roots of the Southport weekenders he used to attend be Inspired by.

Music production has always been a hobby of his from being a teen. Rumor has it he’s getting serious about it again watch this space

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