Ollie de Vries


Music has been a part of Ollie's life for as long as he can remember. Throughout his childhood he drifted between a variety instruments and genres: Piano as a child; trombone as a teenager, bass guitar through to uni - all while covering music styles from jazz, funk, disco and progressive rock. However; later in life he realised nothing was as influential as when his father had purchased Logic 2 for Mac and a brand-new Korg X5 MIDI keyboard in the mid-1990’s. Ollie would sneak into his “studio”, fascinated by the idea of being able to play and manipulate the sounds at will. Ollie would make secret recordings after school from as young as 10 years old, manipulating and experimenting with MIDI, virtual instrumentation and automation over a 4/4 kick using Logic. This was his discovery of love and passion for electronic music.
Over 20 years later, Ollie has spent almost every spare moment refining his passion into a unique and defined sound that takes influence from his multi-genre, multi-instrumentation musical past (jazz, funk and progressive rock in particular) and channels it into a unique electronic sound that sits somewhere across the spectrum of disco, deep house, progressive house and melodic house & techno.