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Nick Rodger


Hailing from Newcastle, UK, I'm a music obsessed sci-fi lover who happens to dj a bit. I've been collecting and playing records since I was 7, graduating from making cut and paste mixtapes on an old twin deck cassette system to buying my first record decks at 16. Since then, I've tried to source and share music I love, music I believe deserves to be heard, irrespective of genre or age.

If it's good, if I love it, I'll buy it, share it, play it.

If I had a 'sound' I guess it would sit between reverb drenched downtempo to quirky ethereal electronica to soulful techno.
My social awkwardness has forced me to take a step back from regular gigging, but it's afforded me time to build up a worldwide network of like-minded souls, who believe music is not simply a "throw - away, 21st century consumer item".

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