Nick AKA Classroom


Nick aka Classroom has had a passion for music all my life different styles and genres. Born in the 70s raised in the 80s it was the Rave & House scene throughout the nineties that helped shaped my passion for electronic music.

Nick started to Dj around 92 and went by the Dj name of Joker, playing Hardcore, Drum & Bass at local and other events often on the same line up as some top names at the time of Kenny Ken, Pilgrim, Rat Pack
Later transitioned into house & techno and Dj'ing took him to a regular slot at Emporium the home of Passion
which is still going today and has hosted Radio 1s Essential mix.

After a break from the scene and Dj’ing we fast forward to 2016 and the desire to get back into Dj’ing was high with a passion to try a hand a production. Now going by the name of Classroom, to reflect that music to him is
something that is constantly being learned weather that be new tracks or the process of learning the skills in
production he is one in the classroom.

Nick’s musical style is centered around melodic house & techno, his sets are mixed with deep, fierce driving beats and smooth atmospheric melodic soundscapes as tracks blend through
genres of Indi, Electronica & down tempo, Deep house, Melodic house & Progressive house, trying to forge a unique sound and style.

Productions tracks are:
Horizons - unreleased
Escape - unreleased
Conversations - Releasing in June 2020 on Gruvstation
Bunker Mentality - unreleased