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Nathalie Henriette


'Home is where the heart is'. A platitude often heard in realms other than music.
But when it comes to rising artist and DJ Nathalie Henriette it does indeed hit
close to home. Replace Home with Music and Heart with Soul and we can soon
see how things fall into place. Nathalie untangles all that into a personal
statement: 'I Play what I feel, I feel what I play'.
When listening to one of her sets, whether it's radio, online, live or on Mixcloud,
where she in no time gained top charting every single time, we can hear and
feel exactly what she means.
As life happens it's up to the artist how to cope and transform something into
an experience that ultimately makes sense. Nathalie Henriette is not one to hide
from past life hardships and somehow, some way, manages to turn taste and
skills into not only a melodic journey but a personal one as well. Not being
restricted by set boundaries in today's underground dance music, she has
found a unique way to translate all of that into a rather distinctive sound which
transcends form, labels and genres. Instead, it shifts into attitude and

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