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Marcus Arrowsmith


We are getting to an age where lots of DJs have been around for a long time and Marcus is no exception. Since the mid to late 90's, Marcus has been playing to crowds in Berlin, Amsterdam, Ibiza and the UK. In the mid 2000's there was to be a break from playing out and Marcus decided to use his DJ skills for radio stations. He made his debut on Unity radio as a guest and it transformed from there. Marcus has residencies on House Nation Toronto and also had a long run on London Pirate Radio.

Still keeping his hand in, he has worked closely with DeepDownDirty and Tribu showcasing club nights and taking care of promotion. Marcus and his friend Matthew ran a club night in Manchester called Tried and Tested. It was a slightly darker night focusing on techno playing alongside Paul Ritch, Ville Virtanen (AKA Darude) to name just a few.

Marcus played many of his gigs in Manchester at Generation X, Sound Control, The Attic, and the Phoenix and soon developed his own sound and tempo. Being a very versatile DJ he loved the warm up sets as much as the main and ending sets, forming his ability to know how the music should be perceived by the crowds and knowing the first track is as important as the last. You can expect Marcus' sets to be heavily layered, blending lots of elements into tracks to create a new version that nobody has heard before. You can expect smiles and lots of emotion with the Contributions Show, perfectly timed vocals with a classic or two thrown in.

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