Dave Ackers


Having a music teacher as a father really helped Dave with his introduction to music, influencing him at the tender age of 7 with prog rock bands (Genesis, Supertramp, Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd....) and a healthy portion of electronica from the likes of Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk.

It was when Dave turned 14 that he was introduced to house music. Having being bought a Sony Walkman for his birthday he stumbled upon a show on Radio 1 entitled "The Essential

Mix" hosted by a certain Mr. Pete Tong, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Dave spent the next few years listening to this show every weekend. The now legendary Goa Mix by Paul Oakenfold was a early highlight and it was this mix that Dave

rates as "the best DJ mix of all time", fusing trance with film scores and dialogue.

But it was in May of 1995 that a DJ by the name of Sasha graced the haloed Radio 1 turntables. At this time Dave did not know who Sasha was so presumed it was a female

artist who was currently in the UK charts (true story). The mix was simply outstanding and it was this style of music that was to become the flagship sound of Dave's future sets.

Other DJs who became a huge influence on Dave were John Digweed, Dave Seaman, Nick Warren and Parks & Wilson.

Dave became a keen "trainspotter", hunting for tracks in his local record shop and venturing to Manchester and as far as Bradford where he was a regular customer at

Global Beat Records (owner of the Koncept record label). He also bought Mixmag every month and Mixmag Update every week. Entering DJ competitons he came 2nd and 4th

in Muzik magazine's Bedroom Bedlam competiton - something that started the careers of Yousef and Marcus James of Renaissance. He also appeared as a guest on Alex Pepper's

radio show on Kiss FM in Leeds at the tender age of 17 mixing his current vinyl favourites.

Back in the 90s and early 00s you would say that Dave's sound was very "progressive". Nowadays it is more a deep house and techno sound with progressive influences ;)