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Brent Roberts


Brent Roberts has quickly and quietly become a force in the music industry. Signed to his first production company only 6 months after taking to the tables. "It blew my mind" Brent says, "I had just started, but for some reason I just felt at home behind the tables, and I guess it showed in my music".

Brent started to catch the eyes of many promoters throughout the country which then landed him with a 3 year residency at Cincinnati's premier nightclub back then, Spy. Throughout his residency Brent has played with such artists as: Chris Fortier, Christopher Lawrence, Micro, Kimball Collins, Chris Fortier, D:Fuse, DJ Icey, and more. Having played with some of the top talent in the nation, Brent wanted to branch out which led him down a different path.

One field that Brent wanted to venture into was the field of Television, more specifically, creating the audio behind the programming. Brent worked tirelessly on multiple projects, only finding himself contempt w/ perfection, and all this hard work paid off. Brent ended up winning a total of 9 awards in 5 years for his audio production work in the field of Television, all of them in a "professional" catagory. Brent explains, "It was amazing, the talent I was up against w/ my friend was staggering and when we found out that we dethroned a 15yr streak from one of our opponents to win the award, I was beside myself w/ joy".

Enjoying this new found success Brent took to, as he calls it, "spreading the word of music", which saw him playing out in other cities across the country and which led him to his biggest show Ultra Music Festival. "It was uncanny, I remember going to Ultra when I first started spinning so I think it was Ultra 2. I walked in and told myself "one day I will be here". Little did Brent know that his efforts had paid off. 2007 Marked a landmark year for Brent as he played at various parties including a session at the 2007 Ultra Music Festival.

Not only was Brent's performance one that will be talked about for years, but Brent's (still not done with his television work) music video which was partly recorded at the 2007 Ultra Music Festival, earned him 3 awards in the field of Television. "That was unbelievable" Brent states "I saw people in the audience at the award show when they were playing the clip. As I was walking up, and everyone was dancing in their seats."

Following these accomplishments Brent has decided to turn again back to the crowd. "I loved doing the production work, but it fell short to bringing such enjoyment through music to other people" Brent adds. This currently is where you will find him every 3rd Wednesday of the month on Saturo Sounds where he hosts his radio show Cincinnati House which is a platform he uses to showcase some of the best talent in the Midwest. Where will this opportunity lead Brent Roberts? Where ever he goes, expect nothing less than an amazing musical performance.

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