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Billy Z


Billy’s DJ career was based in Central Florida. Residing now in Depoe Bay Oregon, he was a mainstay in the Daytona Beach area since 1993. 80’s alternative music artists like Depeche Mode, The Smiths, and Skinny Puppy were major influences on his love for music. From dancefloors like Visage in Orlando, 701 South in Daytona Beach, Brassy’s Take II in Cocoa Beach, AAHZ, and The Club @ Firestone; Billy’s love for music continues to inspire and move him. His mainstay sound is the various sub-genres of house music.

Being influenced by fellow friends and DJ’s: Dave Cannalte, Chris Fortier, John O’Neill, Stephen Wilson, brother Jon Zdanis, and especially friend and mentor Andy Hughes have helped Billy to push his boundaries musically. He has played one-offs and held residencies at bars and clubs to include: 3D and Madhouse, The Stealth Club, The Coliseum, Sol-Rays, 600 North, The Club @ Firestone, Thee Grotto, The Peacock Room, Crooked Bayou, Rhythm & Flow, and Sandwich Bar. Billy says, “I’ve enjoyed every minute of my musical journey from lessons learned in the booth to countless hours on the dancefloor.”, now it’s time to focus on the production side of things so stay tuned!

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