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Biffson (BFSN)


Biffson (BFSN), DJ from Switzerland's Capital Bern.
Since early childhood he has a feeling for rhythms and percussion elements. Played drums for over 25 years, Rock especially Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Classic Rock is his omnipresent balance. Through his older brother he came into contact with dance music already in the early 90s which has accompanied him ever since. Starts from Techno, Psytrance and Drum'n'Bass to House. Through one of his best friends, he finally learned DJing and mixing since 2012 mainly Progressive House and Organic House.

His great influences certainly include Sasha, John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, as well as the geniuses Guy j and Cid Inc.

His mixing influences are Mental X and Franctone, two well known former DJ's from Switzerland, especially Marco Chia, who had been with SaturoSounds for a while before him, recognised his mixing potential and motivated him to perfect his skills, so that he came to the attention of Shaun Strudwick and the SaturoSounds Crew.

Biffson (BFSN)'s sets are filled with spherical sounds, always with a punchy groove, playful, deep and a straight flow so that the listener doesn't want to let go.

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