London-based producer/DJ Ann:LoV, is a fast-rising star in the electronic music scene. With an ear firmly on the Minimal, Dub, and Melodic Techno genre, she is a force to be reckoned with. Her primary focus are poignant melodies as demonstrated in her track selection and forthcoming productions. Though she is currently on hiatus at the moment, Ann:LoV is a resident DJ at the illustrious Saturo Sounds Radio. Formerly known as Ann Browne, she holds this position whilst balancing her successes as a singer/songwriter with a five-octave vocal range with releases on Synchronized Music, DP-6 Records, and Tall House Digital.

Ann developed a passion and deep love for music early on in life. At the age of 9 she began to write her own songs and learnt to craft harmonies by experimenting with recording her voice using tape recorders and layering her vocals to see how they’d sound. In 1999 Ann decided to take a deeper dive into music and went on to study performing arts, during which time she spent much of her evenings in the music block learning production and writing her EP — a collection of Pop, R&B, and Ambient music. Off the back of her creations, she took part in a number of local festivals and showcases and later joined a Hip Hop collective where she continued to develop her vocals and songwriting skills. Then in 2001 she had her first release on a gospel record label, which led to her joining a gospel band where she continued to tour nationally and internationally as well as provide vocals for studio and live sessions.

It was in 2009 that her musical career pivoted towards electronic music, and at that point she began reaching out to music producers in the genre. This led to her creating a vocal sample pack with Lee Howe, house releases with Jake Cusack and Paul Parsons, EDM with K-System, and trance releases with Beatsole and Emrah Barut. In a bid to further immerse herself in the electronic music world she had grown so fond of, she began to form connections with music lovers, managed a number of meetups, and attended myriad music events.

By 2016 Ann had started to miss the live element of music and wanted to perform electronic music live. She connected with Space Rasec, which led to the birth of “Anencee." Performing live once again and delving back into the world of music creation inspired her to make the decision to return to music production. It was then that she added the art of DJing to her repertoire.

It’s stunningly clear that Ann has a knack for music and expressing herself through the medium. Outspoken in nature and passionate about fairness for music creators, she continues to develop her knowledge in the realm of music business with a view to self-release.

Ann is currently working on her next EP, which is a combination of minimal and melodic techno — this is her motivation, her drive, her focus.