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Tribu Sessions

Tribu' Sessions is operated by Steve Adams (Land Mammal UK) and Dave Nicholson (Dave Nico).

Our brand is all about two distinguishing features:

1. Our music; ranging from deep progressive to techno elements.

2. Our philosophy; based around our name Tribu’ meaning; a collective, a group, a tribe or a subculture.

We pride ourselves on the ‘no ego’ mentality, which enables us to build our community more cohesively with a smile!

Our aim is to showcase records from labels and producers that are close to our hearts; such as friends, family and colleagues, striving to bolster the ever growing Tribu’ network, by keeping our feet firmly on the ground.

Biffson (BFSN)

Biffson (BFSN), DJ from Switzerland's Capital Bern.
Since early childhood he has a feeling for rhythms and percussion elements. Played drums for over 25 years, Rock especially Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Classic Rock is his omnipresent balance. Through his older brother he came into contact with dance music already in the early 90s which has accompanied him ever since. Starts from Techno, Psytrance and Drum'n'Bass to House. Through one of his best friends, he finally learned DJing and mixing since 2012 mainly Progressive House and Organic House.

His great influences certainly include Sasha, John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, as well as the geniuses Guy j and Cid Inc.

His mixing influences are Mental X and Franctone, two well known former DJ's from Switzerland, especially Marco Chia, who had been with SaturoSounds for a while before him, recognised his mixing potential and motivated him to perfect his skills, so that he came to the attention of Shaun Strudwick and the SaturoSounds Crew.

Biffson (BFSN)'s sets are filled with spherical sounds, always with a punchy groove, playful, deep and a straight flow so that the listener doesn't want to let go.


Music is present in the lives of most people, daily; and electronic music for many of them.

So, perhaps his interest in Electronic Music was traced in the same way by many artists; there is not much that makes him "different" in having been influenced by names like Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kitaro ... Not least because many of the people who claim to "like Electronic Music" had contact with some of these names in some way...

Perhaps, like him, many people when they were children also "scratched records" at home, without having a good idea of the respectful art of being a DJ. Recording songs from the radio on tape decks, collecting CDs ... None of this makes him different among many people of his generation.

So what makes Him different and unique? Electronic Music as a life purpose is restricted to only a few humans.

“Basically, I always tried to find a type of sound that I defined as “spatial” or the kind of sound that fills a place with fluctuating details and a variety of feelings”. (Soney Souza)

In 1996, Robert Miles released "Children", a work that would become an absolute success, given its successful worldwide repercussion. At this time, Soney was sure that there was something special, there was something different about that kind of sound; there began an incessant search for deep identification, restricted by the difficulties of access to information. But when there is a greater purpose, interest is present and difficulties become opportunities. From Jarre and Vangelis to Robert Miles, from Paul Van Dyk and Paul Oakenfold to Sasha & John Digweed, more than a culture, more than an identification - a life purpose was developed. In the form of Trance, in the form of Progressive House, in the form of marked percussions, in the form of Capoeira, of Brazilianities and Africanities. It is necessary to remember that Electronic Music as a purpose of life is restricted, in fact, to a few people.

The arrival of the 2000s and the facilities of the Internet contributed to an even greater depth of this purpose, because, throughout his career, it is safe to say that Soney is an expert in what moves him; Tech-Trance, Hard Trance, Hardstyle, Progressive Trance, Progressive House, Tribal House... It's possible to say that it's more than musical knowledge - it's a defined process, it's an identity - it's a purpose.

This intensity has led him to be more than any possibility imaginable. From friends' parties in 1999 to the most recent days, there are more than two decades of dedication, playing and making that "sound from the space"; his releases include labels like IN2U, AIMEC Music, Transensations, Objektiv, Qubic, Election Radio, Electronic Nation, Argentina Records and Pantano Beat. He directed national and international radio shows, in places that are a reference for Progressive House, such as Buenos Aires. Many clubs in his hometown and other cities in Sao Paulo and Santa Catarina recognized it. Furthermore, in 2016, his dedication made him resident of Club 9/11 and Cafe VS, in Tallinn, Estonia; at the same time he created the label Progressive House Brasil to boost this style in Brazil and attract more people who still didn’t know or didn’t find references about the scene and the music in Brazil and in December of the same year, he had a mix elected as "Mix of the Month" by the British portal Decoded Magazine. Between 2018 and 2019, he was selected by Costa Crociere and had his work presented in exotic places in Africa and the Middle East and later in Europe. He was recently designated as resident DJ and head of entertainment at Planet Hollywood Malta.

What makes it different and unique is His purpose in life-it is "to be Electronic Music". This is definitely the gift of only a few of us.


UK born and based in Ireland, Giddy began his journey into electronic music in 1995 when his best friend handed him a cassette tape entitled ‘Music for the Jilted Generation’. From that moment on a rave soldier was born and he proceeded to immerse himself in the vibrant music scene of the time, travelling to various festivals and club nights throughout the UK, along with spending two seasons in Ibiza during 2000/01. During this time he became heavily influenced by acts such as The Prodigy, Leftfield and The Chemical Brothers, as well as DJs such as John Digweed, Nick Warren and Sasha, who were pioneering an emerging Progressive house sound. There was also a huge appreciation for other genres too, with a particular passion for breakbeats and the LTJ Bukem-style DnB sound. As such, all these different sounds and styles became a big influence on him in terms of his music psyche.

Upon returning home to the UK in 2001 after a second season in Ibiza, Giddy bought his first set of direct drive decks and started practicing mixing the tunes he’d picked up along the way and a preference for crafting eclectic and energetic mixes in his sets was beginning to form. From this point on began his passion for the art of DJing. Over the next few years he went on to play out at small local venues and also hosted boat parties in the South West, before he began an unexpectedly long hiatus from DJing, due to travelling for a few years and then having children arrive on the scene.

Fast-forward a number of years and changes in circumstances led to him getting back into the music scene, where he quickly and significantly became influenced by attending events such as The Soundgarden & ADE. It was at these events he met and became part of an electronic music family that stayed strong together, even during the lockdown era, through online music communities such as PFG and various other collectives.

In September 2020 Giddy began his Infectious Company series, which quickly gained interest and a following within his own circles initially, before a wider audience started to take notice and who began describing his mixing style as energetic, engaging and relentless. This resulted in offers of guest mix duties for cutting-edge shows on Saturo Sounds such as ‘Nadia Presents’, Lynsey’s ‘Momentum’ and ‘Quarks & Quaaludes’. With a contagious enthusiasm for the music, each guest mix was well received and resulted in Giddy securing his own residency in February 2021, bringing his Infectious Company series on-board with Saturo Sounds. When you listen to a mix by Giddy, expect a deep, progressive journey full of twists and turns, with a healthy dose of tribalistic beats, bouncy basslines and melodic meanderings!

Erit Lux

Erit Lux is a ground breaking Deep House/Progressive House DJ based out of Hyderabad, India . With an ear for what sounds good, Erit Lux takes inspiration from a wide variety of musical genres, sampling everything from deep house, organic house, progressive house, tropical house, progressive trance, uplifting trance. His one-of-a-kind performances and releases absorb listeners with an unmatched emotional intensity is spreading good vibes via YouTube and social media.

Mark Thomson

Marks first experience of electronic music was a cassette of Carl Cox playing Force Mass Motions "Panic". Captivated by this sound he then frequented local Elgin club The Bishops which saw many Scottish hardcore nights at the height of it scene. In 1994 he heard Paul Oakenfolds March Essential Mix which threw him into the delights of early trance, this led to the discovery of Sasha, John Digweed a set of decks and a lifelong passion for the music......

Maff Robinson

I bought my first set of 1210’s in 1990 and have never looked back from my first night out at Zone in Blackpool in 91. Fell in love with the different scene.

Then started hitting the big clubs like Hacienda, Back 2 Basics, Cream, Hard Times etc. I was asked to host a radio show on a local station called EdenFM and called my show Friday Night House Party which I did for 2yrs. I started a bi monthly night called WeAREHOUSE we had guest DJs from Steve Parry, Dave Seaman, AGENT(GR), Ki Creighton , Adele Moss, Jaap Ligthart and many others!! Also got involved in a new night called Inception which we had Dale Middleton and Ian Dillon headlining.

I was first on Saturo Sounds 3yrs ago but took a brake and asked Shaun if I could get back involved and I’m here a fabulous station with very talented DJs/producers.

Bryan Silverstein

Bryan began DJ’ing in high school in 2001 (mainly drum n bass) and became a guest at weeklies/raves around New Orleans/Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Bryan made his debut on internet radio at Saturo Sounds in 2015 and has become a resident on Saturo’s monthly Binge show with Ivan James. Bryan currently resides in Miami, Florida and joined the Do Not Sit On The Furniture team as a resident which began in December 2016 opening for Kimball Collins. Since then Bryan has opened for artists such as Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J, Soul Button and Mr. C to name a few. To keep listeners engaged from start to finish, his mixes weave in and out of various styles of electronic music.

Tuan Allon & Oshan Logus

Saturo Sounds Dj

Paul Barrett

A Self taught DJ who was lucky that his father has a plethora of vinyl at his disposal to set him off at the age of about 13.

Building up his own collection of House, Techno, Drum and Bass , Hip Hop ,Funk and Soul through the 90’s and 00’s , it was around 10 years ago that Paul, with the help of some friends put on his first event ‘Beatlab’. Other nights ‘Funklab’ and more recently ‘Feast’ showcased local talent, renowned DJ’s and acts around the north west of England.

Paul’s style is very eclectic due to his many influences that span across multiple genres and you can hear this within his mixes. The New Jersey and New York house scene of the 90’s, the Detroit techno sounds as well as the soulful roots of the Southport weekenders he used to attend be Inspired by.

Music production has always been a hobby of his from being a teen. Rumor has it he’s getting serious about it again watch this space


Saturo Sounds Dj

Ray McLarnon AKA Angrish

Angrish – Tektronicity on Saturo

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a deep love of music, especially electronic music in
all its forms and across every genre, the more electronic the better.

Like most others of my generation, I was a committed fan who enjoyed clubbing, listening to
pirate radio, the Essential Mix, buying vinyl, compilation CDs and generally curating as much
music as I could.

Truthfully, I’d never considered DJing publicly or as anything more than a hobby, just playing
a few tunes among friends on a Saturday night. However, as time progressed, I wanted to
find a way to showcase and share music I liked or had recently purchased. What always
interested me was the process of combining music that others might enjoy while trying to
create a ‘library’ of sorts that reflected my tastes, otherwise known as a ‘Podcast’.

The Tektronicity series was born out of trial and error, where I had hoped to put together a
series of episodes that explored music, music I was most passionate about, not what I
thought might be popular or current. What started on 10 years ago
eventually moved to Soundcloud about 8 years ago and more recently, Saturo Sounds.

It’s been wonderful experience taking up a slot in the Saturo Sounds monthly calendar and
great to share music I love with likeminded folk.