Frederique Rijsdijk

January Mix Of The Month Winner 2017

Hey Frederique congratulations on winning the January Saturo Sound Mix of the month,


1. You say in your bio that you work in IT, Do you find that making a mix clears your mind after a long day in the office.


For sure! It always does, better than anything. Blending your favorite tracks together to create some new magic is something that just never can get enough of it seems.


2. Back in the day you had quite the set up, What records never left your box. and is your 1st mix still available to listen to now?

From the top of my head (I was never good in remembering all the names): stuff from Cass & Slide, Breeder. Most stuff on Hooj. Oliver Lieb, Leftfield, Quivver was (and still is) a huge favourite. So, that's basically anything J&D would spin. James Holden is one of my all time favourite DJ's. Dizum isn't online. Maybe I'll do that some day ha-ha.


3. Your thoughts on the dreaded sync question is a breath of fresh also mention you have heard surgical mixes but with no soul, How do you go about telling a story i know the voters in the competition where impressed by your journey. So how do you construct it?

Before hand I wasn't planning to make this mix for the competition. I had a couple of new tracks I had bought, and wanted to mix with them, and possibly record something that I could use later on. It worked out very well, and decided to use it for the Saturo Sounds MotM competition after listening to it. So there's no real planning there. I have a playlist with my new tracks, usually 10-15 tracks. Then I find a nice starting track, and go from there. So a more or less spontaneous mix it was. And yes, I use the sync (made sure the beatgrid was spot on because they were new tracks of course), and I'll use the keys that Traktor has found as a guide line in what would (should, could) fit together harmonically. I say a guide, because Traktor is not always right, and on top of that, the rules are very flexible. And rules are there to be bent, and preferably broken of course! In this mix I'm not bending or breaking any rules. My 2 hour mix for Saturo is more of a challenge in that regard. At least, that's how I feel about it. I'm very anxious how this mix will be perceived.


4. You have now won our mix of the month and also another large mix of the month competition, Whats next for you and your djing career?

Yeah I'm looking around, to see where I can play some more. No idea yet. No pressure either. I'll see what comes on my path. I have no strong desire to make a DJ career. I doubt I'd survive such a life anyway. It would be nice to get a gig once in a while, but I'm not actively working on it as any DJ with such aspirations should. I would always like to try producing, but I've never succeeded in anything. Time is always an issue. I'm married, and have 2 daughters. Maybe later on. Who knows! For now, it's more of a hobby to me. Well see what the future brings. It's a passive attitude, but I'm not even sure what I want, if I want it. I'll keep on learning, progressing and improving my skills until I do :-)



5. Its been great talking to you final questions who is yur top 3 producers at the moment and why?

Although recently not much stuff that I use, but Max Cooper is probably my all time favourite. Simply because I have the most tracks of him in my library, so it's simple math. Why? He's a producer that can make his tools (whatever he uses to actually produce his productions) come alive. And in many occasions, literally make them cry. And me. For real! Besides that, he's also a wicked DJ that surprises me every time I see or hear him play. He uses such a broad selection of music in his sets, and he's so capable of mixing all of that together as if it was always one big piece of music in the first place. A true artist. And so modest. Further more: Alex Niggemann, Dahu, Robert Babicz, Luca Bacchetti, Kris Davis, Brian Cid, Cid Inc., Ruede Hagelstein, Hunter/Game, Johannes Brecht, Marten Sundberg, D-Nox & Beckers, Hraach, Dominik Eulberg. I'll stop now, that's more than three. But I guess it does show how alive this world is at the moment.

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