Iain Sabiston


Iain's love for the beat started when his best friend's older brother started to run nights in his local town. At the age of 15 he was listening to some of Scotland's finest DJs such as Micheal Kilkie, Ollie Kneale, Parks and Wilson and many more from the Renaissance stable. Soon a set of decks arrived and he began to teach himself how to beatmatch and put tracks together to tell a story.


Family arrived in Iain's life and as his love for his new family grew so did his love for beats. Fast forward a few years and a new job gave Iain time to rediscover music and a mix from Haji that made him turn to digital mixing.


After learning the way of the download he began a page on Soundcloud and shared his mixes with his friends. Feedback was good and he looked for a place to share his love for the music. A tip from a friend led him to Saturo Sounds, where in a short space of time he was accepted and his mixes did the talking. Now a Saturo Sounds resident, Iain has found his home where he can share his love of all things house