Aaron 'A-Mac' Mcleod

From the moment Aaron entered a warehouse party in the docklands of Melbourne, as a fair haired lad and saw 4 x green lasers flying around and a guy dressed as Uncle Sam with chicken’s feet on, he thought..THESE are his people.

Andrew Gemmell

Andrew Gemmell raised in Burnley, Lancashire. His love for dance music started in 1991 aged 14 when a friend popped round with a DJ slipmatt and Lime cassette - he was hooked from that moment. Aged 16 he sneaked into a little club in Burnley called Angels and was introduced to the house scene, the rest is history. He bought his first turntables aged 18 and learned the art of mixing. In 2006-2008 he ran a night called 'houseyerfather' in Burnley with a couple of friends and had the pleasure to play at Sankeys Manchester and various clubs and bars round the northwest. Now in 2016 he has joined the online era with Saturo Sounds with his monthly show - 'Dispersed Sounds'

Billy Z

Billy’s DJ career is based in Central Florida. Residing in the Daytona Beach area, he has been a mainstay for the area since 1993. 80’s alternative music artists like Depeche Mode, The Smiths, and Skinny Puppy were major influences on his love for music. From dancefloors like Visage in Orlando, 701 South in Daytona Beach, Brassy’s Take II in Cocoa Beach, AAHZ, and The Club @ Firestone; Billy’s love for music continues to inspire and move him. His mainstay sound is the various sub-genres of house music.

Being influenced by fellow DJ’s: Dave Cannalte, Chris Fortier, John O’Neill, Stephen Wilson, brother Jon Zdanis, and especially friend and mentor Andy Hughes have helped Billy to push his boundaries musically. He has played one-offs and held residencies at bars and clubs to include: 3D and Madhouse, The Stealth Club, The Coliseum, Sol-Rays, The Club @ Firestone, Thee Grotto, The Peacock Room, Crooked Bayou, and Sandwich Bar. Billy says, “I’ve enjoyed every minute of my musical journey from lessons learned in the booth to countless hours on the dancefloor.”

Bryan began DJ’ing drum & bass in high school (2001) and became a guest at weeklies/raves around New Orleans/Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After a break from DJ’ing from 2005-2015, Bryan made his debut on internet radio at Saturo Sounds and has become a resident on Saturo’s monthly Binge show with Ivan James. Bryan currently resides in Miami, Florida and has recently joined the Do Not Sit On The Furniture team as a resident which began in December 2016 opening for Kimball Collins. Since then Bryan has opened for artists such as Kate Simko, Mr. C, Oona Dahl and Guy J. To keep listeners engaged from start to finish, his mixes weave in and out of various styles of dance music from deep house to progressive house, tech house to techno, breaks to drum & bass.

Cousin Jay

Jay started his musical journey around 14 years old, Knocking about on some old turntables playing breakbeat, later venturing into techno. Through his latter teens he started to refine his Dj style as his musical tastes changed, finding House in its various guises his true calling. Hosting nights around the South coast of England under the Rendezvous and later, Su Casa banners, including a Friday night run at the infamous ‘ Empire ‘. Even bringing his night to 3TO, the club being managed by another Saturo Dj, Dan Sampayo. Currently playing Deep and Tech House, with no plans on leaving the scene any time soon.

Dave Ackers

Having a music teacher as a father really helped Dave with his introduction to music, influencing him at the tender age of 7 with prog rock bands (Genesis, Supertramp,Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd....) and a healthy portion of electronica from the likes of Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk.

Iain Sabiston

Iain's love for the beat started when his best friend's older brother started to run nights in his local town. At the age of 15 he was listening to some of Scotland's finest DJs such as Micheal Kilkie, Ollie Kneale, Parks and Wilson and many more from the Renaissance stable. Soon a set of decks arrived and he began to teach himself how to beatmatch and put tracks together to tell a story.

Ed Fennell

Ed broadcasts live from his kitchen on Saturo Sounds airwaves. Playing Deep Progressive House, Tech House and sometimes a little Techno to boot. Whatever genre it is Ed always gets people in the groove and finishes the listeners weekends off in style.


Emotive was musically influenced by the late 80s and 90s Dance and Rave era having spent many a long weekend under the spell of electronic music ! His interest in mixing stems right back to school days and editing together chart shows with joined up tape recorders and hooking up two record players with no speed control , through the amazing experience of 90s dance and the Technics 1200mk2s through to today using the latest Pioneer Digital Equipment. His travels have taken him from gigs in pubs and clubs to shows on radio and with a varied musical taste ranging from Chill-out/Lounge all the way to Liquid Drum n Bass and Trance with a very special addiction to Progressive and Deep House. Favorites include Dave Seaman, Nick Warren, Ian Ossia, Sasha, Oakenfold, BT, Quivver and Deep Dish.

Ivan James

A lover of electronic music since the early days of Kraftwerk, Cybotron, etc, and a veteran DJ from the 90's Florida rave scene playing iconic clubs such as Firestone, The Gruv, and The Beacham Theater. Ivan does a weekly show on Saturo with Bryan Silverstein called Binge which focuses on the latest releases of deep, tech and prog with some classics thrown in here and there.

James Elder

In 1996, James was a Uni student and a waiter in a Canberra restaurant. One evening before work, he popped into the nightclub next door to check things out. The DJ, whom he knew, asked him to step in and play a few easy listening tracks while he took a slash. He must have impressed as three weeks later, he was made a resident receiving on the job training playing everything from rock, 70s disco and funk to 80s, R & B and top 40 hits. 

Jon Zdanis

Jon was hooked on music from a very young age. He started buying records when he was only 6 years old and hasn't stopped since. In the early 80's his thirst for the latest and greatest new music saw him visiting clubs such as Spectrum (Daytona Beach) and later Visage (Orlando) which further broadened his musical knowledge along with his vinyl collection. In the late 80's and early 90's Jon visited clubs such as Brassy's, AAHZ, MARZ, Coliseum, The Edge and The Abyss where he witnessed the beginning of dance music culture. In late '92 Jon got his break and was asked to play at the Coliseum on an opening spot (Thank you Austin). Jon's musical knowledge and the way he manipulated the crowd on the dancefloor did not go unnoticed. Following from the success of those first gigs Jon was also invited to guest at Firestone, Atlantis, Underground, Madhouse/3D and Sol Rays just to name a few but more importantly a residency at Stealth Club (which was originally Spectrum). Jon is currently hosting his monthly show Mutations, which airs every 4th Friday of the month on Saturo Sounds playing Deep House, Techno, Tech House, Progressive House and even vinyl old skool.

JP Sykes

John-Paul was raised in West Yorkshire in the UK, and has been obsessed with dance music ever since a friend convinced him to change his hip hop alliances and come with him to hear a certain dj called Sasha at Back to Basics in the early nineties

Liam Boult

Liam has been a lover of electronic music from the being a young teenager listening to electro and hip hop. It was when he walked into a record shop in Manchester and heard can you feel it by mr fingers that he was hooked, ever since then liam has collected over 4000 records and played on the same bill as Carl Cox Dj sneak Move D Bizzare inc Dj Nipper playing at the legendary Angles in Burnley Sankeys Manchester and Cafe Mambo Ibiza This year Liam became a resident for Hacketts the ledendray night that launched Sasha & Laurent Garnier,

Marcus Arrowsmith

I've been a lover of all things dance for as long as i can remember. Enjoying clubbing from behind and in front of the decks. I host a weekly dance show where the concept each week is to construct a set consisting of brand new beats, I will never play the same record twice on my broadcast which is quite challenging some weeks. My sets are Atmospheric through progressive house, Thumping through Techno, Funky through house with a few interesting curveballs thrown in. I believe that the first record is as important as the last and it's always my aim to please.

Mark Thomson

Marks first experience of electronic music was a cassette of Carl Cox playing Force Mass Motions "Panic". Captivated by this sound he then frequented local Elgin club The Bishops which saw many Scottish hardcore nights at the height of it scene. In 1994 he heard Paul Oakenfolds March Essential Mix which threw him into the delights of early trance, this led to the discovery of Sasha, John Digweed a set of decks and a lifelong passion for the music......

Matt Black

Matt has been DJing and making music for around 20 years. His original love was hardcore and drum and bass but it was upon hearing a John Digweed mix tape back in 1994 that he realised his calling in life. He began by playing in pubs and bars around South London before getting his first club gig in 1995. Since then he has played for a number of London’s biggest underground promoters, including Absolution, Feersum, Neighbourhood Dilemma, Sunflowers, Savage and more. He has also played at Audio Deluxe in London, Empathy in Bristol and Riff Raff in Middlesborough as well as The Gallery in London where he warmed up for non other than Dave Seaman. Matt is also gaining an international reputation. He’s played a 3 date mini tour in Poland and headlined the Afterhours cafeteria in Mexico. Matt is not only a DJ but also produces. He has had releases and remixes signed to labels such as Stripped, Pro-B-Tech, 3rd Avenue and Segment Records, the label he cofounded. Matt’s productions have been well supported over the years and have been in the boxes of prog heavyweights such as Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo. With more productions and remixes forthcoming in the future, Matt’s star continues to rise.

Mihai Negru

Mihai was born in Bucharest where he started listening to electronic music from an early age. He got the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time, as in the early 2000s a big movement of electronic music started in Bucharest, especially Progressive House.

Artists like Sasha, John Digweed, Steve Lawler, Dave seaman, Lee Burridge, Danny Howells, Anthony Papa, Deep Dish and many more began having frequent gigs in Bucharest and also at the seaside in Mamaia. Seeing and hearing these pioneers of the scene ignited a passion for electronic music, and Mihai has listened to it ever since.

When he turned 22 (in 2004) he moved to Spain in a city called Cambrils in Catalonia, where he lives now. Mihai had started mixing out occasionally for parties. It wasn't until the beginning of this summer that Mihai decided to share his passion for electronic music with other people which led him to us!

Nick Denny

Since a schoolboy, seeing the movie Breakdance and having my eyes opened to what could be done with 2 turntables was the start of it all. Started collecting early Hip Hop, Electro and House 12's and LP's from 1984. The bug had been caught. I love the warm up, the best slot of the night, I would class myself as a warm up DJ, Being able to move through different styles and BPMs, Creating a vibe/soundscape to breeze through the early dancefloor and bar huggers. Warming up nights where DJs like Digweed, Damien Lazarus, Meat Katie, and local boy Steve Lawler were on the line up. Moving to the North West, along with a good friend, gained a residency in a local bar which led to a club residency and invites to various nights around the area. Now i'm more than happy to let the kids do the heavy clubbing whilst I enjoy creating mixes throughout the musical spectrum, from disco to dub, soul and funk, house, techno and breaks... as long as its deep. My Annual Balearic mixes and Autumnal Deep mixes get me a small Soundcloud following, one of whom is Gavin Holland aka Universal Solution. The Anjunadeep and Silk music artist quotes me as his 'favourite DJ, a talent' (ahem) and if he 'owned a club then I’d be on every fucking weekend' haha his words, not mine.

Rob Appleby

I’m from the UK and have been a DJ since living in the north of england in the mid 90s. My early music was heavily influenced by the likes of Sasha, John Digweed and Dave Seaman, combined with a love of the harder and trancier side of house. I took a break from Dj’ing in the 2000s to help build the Large Hadron Collider and discover the Higgs Boson. During that time I remained a big lover of the music and clubbing, being a regular at clubs like Gatecrasher, Sankeys Soap and Tangled. Now returning to DJing in 2014 and living in Manchester, I like to play anything progressive from conventional prog house to techno to ambient soundscapes, or anything that sounds good, flows and is plenty of fun! You’ll hear lots of this in my monthly Saturo Sounds show Luminosity!

Rowan Triffitt

Rowan’s first love was in the Trance scene taking influences from the likes of Paul Van Dyk, BT & Guy Ornadel. Growing up in Nottingham he was spoilt for choice on the weekend - a far distant cry from how it is now, from clubs such as 'The Bomb!' and of course the monster that was 'Renaissance @ Media'. He then moved more into the House scene taking influences from the likes of Danny Howells and James Zabiela and played at various nights in Nottingham, including 'The Bomb!' and 'Gatecrasher'.

Nowadays Rowan plays Electronica/Breaks/House – mainly influenced by James Zabiela's sound and something that's more suited to listening to at home as opposed a club.  Check out 'CLOSER' at www.mixcloud.com/rowantriffitt or on the Saturo Soundcloud page.

Shaun Strudwick

Shaun has been intoxicated by the underground dance music scene since the early 90s and cut his teeth at events like Raindance, Dreamscape & Word Dance. By the mid 90s Shaun had shifted his focus to the likes of Renaissance and a certain DJ called Alexander Paul Coe. Soon his passion for the underground scene had translated into a passion for learning the craft of the DJ... 

Simon Cox

Simon Cox is back on saturosounds playing on his Spectrum show weekly on a Tuesday night. He plays a mix of deep house to tech house with a touch of acid and techno thrown in, he's not afraid to show off the funky and vocal side either with classic tracks mixed with new. Pretty much right across the "spectrum" of house!!

Terry Crawford

One of Saturo Sounds’ newest recruits, from Manchester, England, Big Tea (aka Terry Crawford) is a self-confessed music addict who has loved underground music since hearing the early Electro on his dad’s stereo in the early 80s and later falling in love with the clubbing scene in the 90s. He has been DJing as a hobby since 2015 and his mixes incorporate anything from Progressive House to Techno and Tech House to Deep House.

The Kid Inside

The Kid Inside started his journey through music with Jaco Pastorius. The rhythmically diverse and bass driven fusion style, presented to him from his father and uncle's jazz records, prompted his purchase of an Ibanez bass guitar.

Along with jazz, he developed a love of smooth tenor and alto saxophones and string sounds of the violin and viola through his love of classical music.

While he was jamming out to heavy metal and classic rock in high school, TKI discovered electronic music on NYC's KTU station. TKI immediately started playing progressive and goa-psy trance songs with his friends at parties.

The Kid Inside brings passion from all of his beloved musical genres, world music and the classical inspirations of old school techno and house, focusing on the ethereal and deep techno melodies found across the world today.

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