Danny Amphlett


Dan, as he is known around the Saturosphere, His DJing career, like for most, started as a hobby which then quickly became a passion. His Early sound was mostly Drum & Bass where he played local clubs and colleges in and around Kidderminster, Druids in Worcs.


By late 1994 Daniel started to branch out into other genres and soon he discovered the amazing progressive sound. It was then when his impeccable ear found the love for emotional music with melody. From that point on Dan always made sure he built his sets with music that had feelings and passion regardless of genre. Essentially he makes mixes of the tunes he loves in the order he thinks they should be played, so then they take you on a voyage thru a range of emotions. Daniel the DJ is by all accounts a dreamer at heart and his music reflects that to all that listen.


Music now serves another a greater purpose for him. "With the arrival of my two boys music became a form of escapism where I would leave the stresses of everyday life and play music".


When Daniel was asked to be involved with Saturo Sounds he jumped at the chance and never looked back. It reenergized that flame and he rapidly became one of the Saturo Residents' favorites. He now understands how much his music affects the people he meets around the world via the chat rooms and blogs of the Saturo community.


This inspires him to push himself and deliver great mix after mix because sharing his passion is what makes it all worthwhile for him. "It is like any experience in life, it is always better when shared." Daniel dreamt about traveling the world in his earlier years as a DJ. Saturo Sounds gives him a platform to get international recognition one listener at a time.

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