Aaron “A Mac” McLeod


From the moment I entered a warehouse party in the docklands of Melbourne, as a fair haired lad and saw 4 x green lasers flying around and a guy dressed as Uncle Sam with chicken’s feet on, I thought..THESE are my people. 24 x years later, several hundred raves, festivals, club nights and tours of duty in London back in late 90’s, I’ve collected the vinyl I love, met the friends on the dance floor I’ll call real friends until l I die and found a love for underground house music that, to this day, is a deep passion I share with the rest of the global Saturo Sounds crew.

Call it Tech House, Deep House, Progressive House, Techno ….I call it quality underground music and DJ’s/Producers like John Digweed, Sasha, Nick Warren, Chris Duckenfield, Francois K, Martin Buttrich and many MANY more have inspired me over 2 x decades to keep looking for that next special electronic moment… My mixes/sets are not based on trends or flavours of the month. I cobble together sets from anything that moves my feet with a killer baseline or moves my soul, from a great vocal to an amazing acetate/synth line.
Enough words…Let the MUSIC tell the story and make your own mind up @ Saturo Sounds

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